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Anthony could feel his strength coming back, his whole body seemed to tingle as the regenerative powers of the elixir worked its mysterious wonder. Shaking the rest of the fog out of his head he lifted Alexia onto his horse, he couldn't help noticing how his hands nearly encircled her waist. He also noticed that her dinner gown was tattered and now showed much more leg than ever seen of the princess. "I think that potion has awakened something else," he thought hoping his libido didn't get the best of him. Climbing atop his horse behind Alexia he was now extremely aware of how much better he was feeling, the only way to ride back would be pressed firmly against Alexia's back. Anthony jumped down.

"M'lady I'm feeling much better I can walk and you can ride," said Anthony, glad it was dark to conceal the blush burning in his cheeks. "Don't be ridiculous knight, we must get back immediately and we can ride much faster than you can walk, and I'm not about to leave you here." Alexia wanted to feel Anthony's arms around her and knew the ride back would be the perfect excuse. "As you wish m'lady," said Anthony as he mounted his steed again, "Oh well," he thought, "If she doesn't know how I feel already, she's about to find out." Anthony moved in to position behind Alexia and felt the pressure of her slender frame pressed against him, his eyes involuntarily closed as he enjoyed the closeness. Reaching around Alexia he gathered the reigns in his hands and prompted Logan to move. "Alexia could feel Anthony behind her and smiled inwardly, feeling pleased at the effect she was having on Anthony, and a little embarrassed at the same time."

"Should I embarrass him," she thought suppressing a giggle, "no, surely he would move, now I know why he wanted to walk."

They rode on through the forest back to the stables the whole time Anthony soaking in every second he had with the princess and locking it away in his memory for easy recall at any time. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he had found his soul mate. At the same time he thought he would loose his mind, for the entire ride back his arousal never subsided, the motion of the horse and the friction between he and Alexia didn't help.

Back at the stables Anthony dismounted even before the horse fully stopped. It was still a couple of hours before dawn and Alden was fast asleep in his quarters. They were alone. Quietly Anthony helped Alexia down from the horse, "What will we tell your father about your absence?" Inquired Anthony. Alexia turned her back to Anthony and stared at the castle, "They don't even know I was gone, it's always the same, once my mother sees me arrive and begin to mingle she's content. Besides, I never get to see my father anyway, because my mother hordes his attention with her constant complaining about this and that. I don't think I've stayed for a whole celebration dinner since I was ten. That is why, Sir Knight," she said as she turned again toward him, "no one even noticed I was gone, and why still no..." Her words were stifled with Anthony's mouth, as he threw caution to the wind and kissed her deeply.

When at first their lips met Alexia was a bit taken back but without hesitation joined in with the passion that had been held at bay all her life. Their lips pressed firmly together as they began to explore each others penetrating kiss, and all at once they were enveloped by their fiery passion. Their first kiss was better than either one had hoped and both were loosing themselves in its warmth. They stood together as Anthony held Alexia's face in his hands, and Alexia with her arms still by her sides afraid to put them around him in fear she would never let go. Then as suddenly as it started it ended. Alexia broke the kiss and stepped back, Anthony could see a multitude of emotions in her eyes; excitement, fear, hope, confusion, and one he still wasn't sure of but would take the chance for, love. Alexia didn't say a word but as her hand came up to cover her mouth an expression of sadness crossed her face and she turned and ran to the castle, she knew she would have to use her private entrance to avoid having to explain here current condition. She stopped once to turn and look back at Anthony, and as still as the night surrounding him, he stood watching after her. Again she turned and continued into the castle and ultimately her chambers and bed.

Anthony stood and watched the door close behind her and cold fear gripped him, "what have I done," he thought aloud, as he turned to lead his horse into his stall. "I'm certain of what I felt," thought Anthony, "surely she feels it to. I fear I have put the fair princess in a difficult position, I shouldn't have forced my intentions on her." Anthony pondered the nights events at length and came to the conclusion that she had to have wanted him as badly as he wanted her, he no longer harbored the slightest regret for kissing Alexia and he know what he must do. Anthony was in for the toughest battle of his life, he would risk everything, including his life, to be able to spend the rest of eternity by Alexia's side.
Back to the castle, the story continues!

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Daily Deviation

Given 2001-07-08
Chapter 10 Shark3000 by shark3000 is part of a multi-chapter story challenge, which alternates the writing of chapters between shark3000 and euphoria. This is beautifully written, and one of my favorites, along with the one in which Anthony decapitates, with one stroke of his sword, an enemy who had captured the princess. A link in the description will take you to the beginning. selected by jsenn ( Featured by devart )
mastermindg Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2001
am i the only one that has been here, riveted since the beginning besides the creators and jsenn? geese, the only reason im commenting now is cause im on vacation and didnt have a chance to until now! i have read it all, and think its great, all wonderful. keep it going guys, this deserves more than just one daily poem award.


aysel Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2001

woop.. I like this. I've always dreamed of things like this with my own fair knight, I being the princess. Then I snap back into reality that I live in 21st century NY. And my parents would flip if I wasn't nome by 12.... *sigh* dreams.....

*cuts and pastes her own names replacing existing ones. Takes a step back and smiles whole-heartedly at her own creation* DAMMIT! me want that to be REAL! hehehe ^_^

great writitng.. maybe sometime I'll post some chapters of my little novellas.
vizionier Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2001
I honestly didn't read this whole thing, but the things I did read were quite amazing. Very good work, and I think, when I have more time, i will start from chapter 1.

:::Visions are Deeper then Sight:::
euphoria Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2001
hA!!!! Congrats on Daily Poem, Lewis. =D (Big Grin)

thelambofgod Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2001   Writer
nick: i didn't read it. but is it a p0rn story? i'd read that.

The Lamb of God
cype Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2001
i doubt anybody read this that commented on it hehe... nice nice job

Nick Pellegrino (Cype)
DMusic Staff
jsenn Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2001
*smile* you wrote this so well, Lewis. Really it is excellent. -*-joy-*-
euphoria Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2001
WOOHOO! *grins*

I can't stop giggling. How delightful. Love it. =D (Big Grin)

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