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Aqua by shark3000 Aqua by shark3000
Simple, Clean, Easy to look at. Goes well with all those "Aqua" skins.
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erisian Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2003   Photographer
i dont really care for the mac aspect, the buttonized plasticy things :)
the rest i eally enjoyed because it had a duality, a feel of computer generated but at the same time, chalk drawing feel.. its nice....
im still pretty distracted by the "drops"
sabotage Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2000  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yak yak and yak again, sorry :) (Smile)

jark Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2000
For the effect that you intended to create, this works. Nice job!!

--[ jark ]--
jsenn Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2000
LOL, well Lewis, I think you pretty much achieved your stated intention. *grin* I am glad you explained it though, because I was wondering why the buttons looked like glass and the blobs looked like opaque plastic. *smile* I think this is SO cool, different, and it looks fantastic on my desktop. *LOL*...
matteo Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2000  Professional Interface Designer
hmm.. i'm sick of the skins so i can't really say i enjoy this wallpaper.. but overall, it's a nice aqua effect

shark3000 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2000
Thank you for your comments liquidsoft. I guess I shoule be more clear on my intentions for this wall. I realize that aqua means water, however I was trying to emulate the look of the "aqua Mac OS" buttons. I purposely wanted the buttons to apear more like glass and the blobs more like opaque plastic. Again thank you for your input
TheRyanFord Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2000  Professional Interface Designer
i dont like those glassy things. they're just duplications of eachother. and water never is that precise. and the large things arent transparent enough. maybe you should look at some real water droplets to give you an idea of how light refracts into and off of them.

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September 21, 2000
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